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Don't waste time deciding who to talk to, just what you should say to them. Arrows Outreach lets you focus on talking to people and not copying-and-pasting data.

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Free for the first 10 contacts of every list. Larger lists are a one-time payment of $10.

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You'll be blown away how quickly you can personalize and fire off your emails.

How many times have you thought something like "I should email all my recent users to see why they signed up..." or "I wonder why those accounts cancelled?" Maybe you even got so far as to send a few emails. But then you got stuck. You got distracted because there's so much else to do, or just hated jumping between multiple tabs.

And you know it'd help your business to send these emails. Whether they're about asking customers for feedback on something critical, figuring out why people cancelled, requesting referrals, getting press, or more...

Don’t automate your outreach. It's difficult to trust bulk email tools. There's so many ways to make mistakes, and people these days can usually tell ("Hi! How is YOURCOMPANY?" 🤦‍♀️). Besides... why would someone take the time to respond to you if you didn't even take the time to personalize it for them?

What would it be like if your customers told you exactly why they signed up or why they cancelled? What if those upsell emails were opened and read most of the time? What if the press was excited to read your pitch because it was so perfectly targeted to them? And you surely have tons of other ideas for how you'd use outreach emails to totally change your business...

Arrows Outreach lets you skip all the tedious copying-and-pasting. No worrying about embarrassing mistakes. You'll send truly personalized emails to a list of contacts and be blown away at how easy it was. Stay on top of your outreach emails like never before, and remember how good it feels to be in-control of your business again.

Previously it was…

  • Jumping back-and-forth between spreadsheets, templates, and email.
  • Bad “mail merge” emails which feel impersonal and are quickly deleted.
  • Tons of embarrassing mistakes like that time you sent “Hey {F_NAME}”.
  • Always wondering “Who do I need to email next?!”
  • Bloated CRMs which require too many clicks for seemingly simple tasks.
  • Getting lost in a bunch of spreadsheets, all of which are out-of-date.
  • Email clients which don't have a way to manage templates.

Now it's like this!

  • No jumping around between a bunch of tools. It's all in your inbox.
  • Your template is pre-filled for each contact with their correct info.
  • You stay on top of the emails you want to send. It’s never been so easy.
  • You get great responses because you put work into personalizing your emails.
  • You send directly from your email client. Nothing to install, and no hacky tools.
  • You don’t get lost managing huge lists. Just open the draft for the next person.
  • Most importantly, you'll trust important people won’t fall through the cracks.

Imagine if sending your outreach emails was like this...

  • Upload contacts
  • Set a template
  • Schedule & Go!

Start sending in minutes. No signup.

Free for the first 10 contacts of every list. Larger lists are a one-time payment of $10.